Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shreeve Invasion

Travis has been talking about coming out for a vacation ever since I have been out here. He has also talked a lot about buying me a beach house. Both of which I never thought would happen. But a few weeks ago Travis sent me a message saying that he bought a ticket and was really coming. He picked a bad day to come as there was a typhoon that day. Fortunately, luck was on his side, unlike most of the time he decides to take a vacation. The rain stopped a few hours before he landed and he made it safely. Sweaty, but safely.

We only hung out for a few hours before I sent him on his way to the bus terminal. He hung out in a few of his mission areas while I had work, then I met up with him last weekend in Olongapo.

Travis has a bad habbit of asking all the peddlers how much things cost. This would be fine except it only gives them false hope that Travis will buy something. This small amount of hope made one of the peddlers wait an hour while we rented a wave runner. The others just followed us down the beach, slowly dropping their prices.

Thanks to Travis for renting us a wave runner. We were a little disappointed they wouldn't let us take it out passed the buoys to the islands, but we still had fun trying to throw each other off. I did jump off while going full speed once, not a good idea. My neck is still sore from hitting the water.

We stayed at the Noe's house in Olongapo. They are a member family that knew Travis. I stayed there last year when I went up for a weekend. They cooked us food, washed Travis's clothes and made sure we were comfortable.

We found a very nice resort called White Rock. We just spent the afternoon there swimming, sliding and relaxing.

Some local fisherman were showing off their catch, or probably just wanted to sell it to Travis

This little turd wouldn't get a picture with me

Travis on his date with some of his Lady-boy friends

Sunday, August 15, 2010


There is a small, cheap zoo up the road from where I live. I spent a little time there checking out the monkeys, pony's, giant fruit bat, and birds.

But most of my time was spent hanging out with some tigers that just roam around the zoo. Some are let loose so you can get pictures with them and feed them.

Others, slightly larger, are just tied to a post like a dog. I could have got my picture with this one, but something told me not to walk up on a sleeping tiger. That something, I believe, is common sense.

The zoo has more than 20 tigers, ranging from new borns to older ones. The cages are nothing special and someone could easily reach their hand in to pet the larger tigers. As I was tempted to pet some adult tigers, one of them was spooked enough to give a warning growl. Thanks for the warning. I like using two hands to eat Quarter Pounders.
My nieces and nephews were really jealous of the tiger pictures. I told them just to drop by anytime for a visit and I would let them play with the tigers. I am still waiting for them to come...

Monday, August 9, 2010


Remember that "Trip" to Tagaytay I took a few months ago? Supplies! It was really for a job interview at an English Academy for Korean Students. I moved down here 2 weeks ago after I got a text saying I can start working immediately. I only gave my last jost a days notice before starting... Oops!
The school was a resort which they added a few buildings for classrooms, but most of the teachers use the bamboo huts as outdoor classrooms. I am staying in one of the "dorm" rooms until my apartment arrangements have been made. I still don't have any furniture so staying in the school is fine with me. Swimming everyday and not riding to work in the middle of the night has been a great change for me.
Tagaytay is about a 2 hour drive from Manila, so its close enough that I still go there on the weekends, but far enough that I don't have to wake up to buses or jeeps or breath the smog everyday.

There are a lot more bugs here, including this sucker.

I also have had some huge spiders outside waiting for me. My room has screens on it but the mosquitoes have found a way in. While I was away for the weekend, they must have wanted to give me a surprise party, because I came home to about 200 in my bathroom.

My students are here for 3-6 months at a time. They come to learn Engrish because its cheaper here, and most Filipinos speak Engrish very well. The owner is Korean and recruits students from there, but we do have one Japanese student who already lives in Tagaytay.

I am teaching them English Nintendo terms: "Bad guys, boss, turtle power, turbo button"

One of the other teachers and a student. They both smoke ALL the time.

Me and Gary. Gary served in Benjie's ward before, and stayed at our house once. He emailed me a few months ago to have me apply. Thanks for the hook up!

My biggest fan! Always makes sure I have food and I get home safely.